Koko & Roy is a New York-inspired, Seasonal New American restaurant and bar in Warsaw, Poland, focused on presenting contemporary American food—a style often unexplored in Europe—while simultaneously celebrating local ingredients and flavors. 

Owners Annah Syta and Jonathan Roy began to fall in love with the idea of opening Koko & Roy during repeated visits to Warsaw, Anna's place of birth (she was also known as Koko/Kokoszka in those early days). They witnessed the city's incredibly rapid transformation and wanted to be a part of this hugely up-and-coming food and cultural scene. WIth Koko & Roy they have created a place reminiscent of their experience in New York—a buzzing atmosphere, eclectic interior, and of course, the style of food currently making waves in Manhattan and Brooklyn—while also celebrating the styles and flavors of their new home. 

Realizing that regional and contemporary American food was largely misunderstood in Poland (generally, associations with American food are limited to TGIFriday's and Hard Rock Cafe) Syta & Roy saw an opportunity to share their understanding of a style of cuisine they found not only very exciting and modern, but also something that would appeal to the informed and sophisticated tastes of the Srodmiescie neighborhood and beyond. 

Seasonal New American food can most closely be compared to the gastropub movement: an advancement and modernization of traditional recipes using refined techniques and execution. It is highly seasonal, using farm fresh ingredients that speak for themselves. The result is elevated rustic food with a fresh, modern sensibility, served in a manner that promotes sharing. 

At Koko & Roy we believe in serving food that satisfies both meat eaters and plant-based diners, and we seek to promote a shared social experience regardless of anyone's dietary preferences. 

The Koko & Roy interior celebrates both the past and the present of Warsaw with a mixture of Art Deco from the Polish "interwar" period (a period rich in creative and cultural energy), Mid Century Modern, PRL, and contemporary styles. The restaurant celebrates the past while also embodying the edginess and energy of resurgent Warsaw.